Practically invisible aligners for straighter teeth

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Orthodontics & Braces


ClearSmile are the clear choice for anyone looking to discreetly improve the appearance of their smile.


Here at Nith Place, we use ClearSmile from Intelligent Alignment Systems (IAS) to provide you with a fast, invisible tooth realignment treatment. ClearSmile gives you straight teeth in a short time, at a price you can afford.

Two systems to straighten your teeth


ClearSmile Aligner

ClearSmile Aligner is a clear, removable cosmetic appliance designed to straighten your front 6-8 teeth. Using exact impressions taken by a dentist, Clear Smile Aligner technology can straighten teeth that are crowded, rotated, or tilted forwards or backwards 

ClearSmile is a system of transparent aligners used to correct malpositioned teeth. Unlike metallic braces, these practically invisible aligners can be removed at any time. Treatment with ClearSmile is almost completely painless because it uses very small amounts of pressure to gently and progressively straighten teeth. Custom-made for each patient, ClearSmile aligners are manufactured from lightweight, transparent materials, making them very comfortable.

How long does treatment with take?

As with conventional fixed braces, ClearSmile aligners may take more or less time to have their desired effect depending on the position of your teeth. Treatment with ClearSmile normally lasts 6-24 months.

ClearSmile Brace

Many people are not happy with how their front teeth look when they smile but are put off wearing braces because they don't want to wear visible metal braces for a year or two. ClearSmile Brace is a rapid and aesthetic orthodontic system that focuses mainly on the front 10 teeth. The speed and less visible appearance of ClearSmile Brace makes it a highly appealing option that can fit anyone's lifestyle.

What is A ClearSmile Brace?

A ClearSmile Brace combines traditional techniques with new technology to reduce orthodontic treatment times and improve the appearance of the braces.

The ClearSmile Brace wires are coated white (rather than being silver) and use a material (Ni-Ti) with shape-memory. This shape-memory means the wire will return to its original shape regardless of how it's bent. This creates the gentle forces used to move your teeth to the desired position.

Why does the Brace use gentle forces?

Using lower forces increases the speed and comfort of treatment. Low forces also reduce the risks of orthodontic treatment.


How discreet is A ClearSmile Brace?

ClearSmile Brace uses clear brackets, as opposed to metal brackets. The wire used in a ClearSmile Brace is also coated with a tooth-coloured material. As a result, ClearSmile Brace is less visible than traditional fixed braces.

Should I wear a retainer?

Yes. You must wear a retainer for life if you wish to maintain the results of any orthodontic treatment. ClearSmile Brace is no different.

ClearSmile Brace uses two alternatives:

  • A fixed retainer bonded to the back of your teeth
  • A clear retainer moulded to fit your teeth

What can be treated with ClearSmile Brace?

ClearSmile Brace is mainly used to straighten the front 10 teeth for aesthetic reasons. 

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