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Membership Plan & Fees


A Nith Place Membership Plan ensures that your dental health is never a compromise. Keep your mouth in great health from as little as 46p a day!


If you want to safeguard your smile and ensure long term oral health,  you need a preventative programme.

Research shows that those who attend their dentist and hygienist regularly have healthier teeth and gums and require less dental treatment than those who do not attend regularly.

Our preventative approach encompasses the most modern philosophies of dental care. Through careful and regular monitoring, your dental care team will work with you to minimise your need for more extensive dental treatment and spreading the cost with a monthly direct debit makes it simple to pay for your preventative oral health programme.


How can I join the Practice?

All you have to do is complete a registration form and direct debit mandate. In addition to your first monthly payment, a one-off set-up fee of £9.50 will be charged and will be included in your first Direct Debit payment.

We also offer a family discount so that if more than one member of your family joins under one Direct Debit, then you will only have to pay one £9.50 set-up fee.

What are the benefits?

Adult Membership Plan

  • Two detailed dental health checks each year

  • Two visits with our skilled team of hygienists who work closely with the dentists to provide professional cleaning, preventative advice and more complex gum treatments

  • Guaranteed same day emergency appointment

  • All necessary x-rays

  • Application of desensitising agents as necessary

  • Worldwide Dental accident insurance cover up to £10,000 per accident

  • 10% off our standard fee scale for Membership Plan patients

  • 12 month redundancy payment protection

  • Flexible payment options, including interest free options

Young Adult Membership Plan

(for patients who are aged 18-21)

The same great benefits as our Adult Membership plan except our preventative plan will consist of one visit with our skilled team of hygienists and one appointment with our Oral Health Educator to review dietary and oral hygiene regimes.