Complaints Procedure

Nith Place Dental Practice: Complaints Policy 2013

Most patients are satisfied from the care and treatment they receive from their dental professional. However, as with any service, from time to time things do go wrong and a problem may arise leading to dissatisfaction and complaint. This policy has been implemented to ensure the smooth resolution of any problems that may be brought to our attention.

If a complaint is made either verbally or in writing where a rapid and appropriate resolution cannot be achieved, a complaints form must be filled in. Any member of staff can fill in the complaints form which will then be passed to the Practice Manager.

All complaints should be resolved in 3 working days. If this is not possible, the person making the complaint will be notified in writing as to when the complaint can be resolved and will be kept updated on the progress.

If there is a problem in finding a resolution within the specified time, the complaint will be passed to the principal dentist.

When the complaint has been resolved, the practice manager will inform the person making a complaint and will specify what action was taken.

Complaints received are reviewed at monthly staff meetings and any long term preventative action is agreed upon.

If at Nith Place Dental Practice we have not managed to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, there are various other complaints services that you may contact.


Patient Feedback and Complaints Co-ordinator
Patient Services Department
NHS Dumfries & Galloway
Crichton Hall
Bankend Road
Dumfries DG1 4TG

Phone: 01387 272 733


The Dental Complaints Service
The Lansdowne Building
2 Lansdowne Road
Croyden, CR9 2ER

Phone: 08456120540